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DigiJump® is engineered to get the most out of every athlete, workout, and training session. Designed for athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and head coaches to inspire their athletes to push themselves and strive for more through real-time feedback and metrics. DigiJump® has been tested by independent kinesiologists and athletes, and is endorsed by an Olympic Gold Medalist. Stay a leap ahead of the pack. Put DigiJump® to work for you today and redefine human performance.





DigiJump® allows you to do cardiovascular training and sports-specific strength training all in one workout.


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 Utilize real time feedback of strength, force, and range of motion during rehabilitation sessions to provide precise training.

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Immediate feedback and workout assessments motivate athletes to train harder and allow coaches to fine-tune workouts while in progress.

I have been thoroughly impressed by DigiJump’s ability to challenge even well-conditioned athletes.
— Dr. James W. Navalta, Ph.D Associate Professor of Kinesiology University of Nevada Las Vegas